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Bacchus Park – located at 13995 FM 3537 (Main Street) between Coit Road and Independence Parkway.

Centennial High School - 6901 Coit Road.

Frisco High School - 6401 Parkwood Dr. just east of the tollway and south of Parkwood Drive.

Liberty High School - located on Rolater, south of Main Street, west of Custer Road

Wakeland High School - located on Legacy just north of Main Street.

Warren Sports Complex - located at 11225 Rogers Road. The park is bordered by Rogers Road, El Dorado Pkwy and North County Road.

          * Warren #14 is the East/West Field closest to the Rogers Road entrance.

          * Warren #13 (Wargel Field) is the North/South Field that is closest to the tree line.

Phillips Park - located at 3335 4th Army Memorial. Nearest intersection Lebanon & Teel Pkwy.

          * Phillips #1 - is East field closest to water tower

          * Phillips #2 -Upper West field next to concession stand


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